On Monday, September 11th, the Press Secretary for the Sierra Leonean government, Solomon Jamiru, appeared on the popular “98.1 Good Morning Salone” program. During the interview, he responded to questions regarding his children’s absence from school amid government calls for normalcy, as well as the ongoing protests in the nation.

When asked why his children did not attend school while the government was encouraging everyone to resume their daily routines, Mr. Jamiru emphasized that their absence was due to his knowlwdge of what they (government) have planned. He furthered explained that his children’s school uniforms were not yet prepared, citing his own absence as the reason for the delay.

Furthermore, he underscored that economic hardships were not unique to Sierra Leone but were being experienced globally.

Mr. Solomon drew comparisons with other nations to highlight the worldwide nature of economic challenges. He mentioned Kenya, where a bag of rice reportedly cost $50, equivalent to approximately 1.1 million Sierra Leonean Leone. He clarified that such prices were not prevalent in Sierra Leone. Additionally, he referenced Liberia, where queues for rice had been reported, contrasting it with Sierra Leone’s situation, which did not witness such extreme scenarios. These comparisons, he argued, illustrated the global nature of economic difficulties.

Regarding the ongoing protests in Sierra Leone, Mr. Solomon emphasized that these demonstrations were not harming the government but were, in fact, detrimental to the interests of the Sierra Leonean people. He firmly stated that unauthorized protests would be dealt with by the authorities.

HeΒ  was questioned about what’s theΒ  government is doing about the individual or group placing the entire country on hold and causing economic disruption through calls for strikes and protrests. He reassured the public that the government was actively taking steps to address the economic challenges facing the nation.