The Speaker of Sierra Leone’s Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abass Bundu has publicly acknowledged and apologized for the alleged conflict of interest, embezzlement, and corruption that has tarnished the administration of Sierra Leone’s Parliament. The revelation, confirmed by Dr. Bundu on social media, has sparked a wave of public outrage and scrutiny.

Addressing the nation in a solemn statement, Dr. Bundu expressed deep regret for the recent controversies that have plagued the Parliament, acknowledging the erosion of trust and confidence from the citizens. He emphasized that the New Year began with the Parliament making headlines for all the wrong reasons, leading to a palpable attack and denigration from the general public.

The apology came after a crucial meeting last week between the parliamentary leadership of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party and President Julius Maada Bio. The President assured the Members of Parliament that he would address the issues within the Parliament.

Dr. Bundu, in his statement to the nation, stated, “On the contrary, we should all apologize to the people of this country whose trust and confidence we bear and on whose behalf we act in this Well as their representatives. By the same token, we want to take this opportunity to express our collective regret and to ask for their forgiveness; we promise that we shall never again commit the grievous mistakes of the recent past.”

The Speaker went on to clarify misconceptions surrounding the ongoing investigations, particularly regarding the Clerk of Parliament. He revealed that the Clerk’s case was still under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission, and he urged caution in discussing it until the final outcome was known.

Dr. Bundu likened the Speaker’s role to that of a referee in a soccer football game, emphasizing the need to be impartial and maintain a balance between opposing political teams. He highlighted the Speaker’s accessibility to all Members of Parliament, reassuring them that consultations and guidance were always available.

Furthermore, he addressed accusations against him, particularly those circulating on social media, filing complaints with the Police and the Independent Media Commission. Dr. Bundu clarified the accessibility of his office, dispelling fears and inviting Members, especially the Honourable Ladies, to approach without hesitation.

Closing his statement, Dr. Bundu assured the nation that the Speaker and the Clerk of Parliament were not at odds with each other. He emphasized the collaborative working relationship between them within the Parliamentary Commission, stating that any differences were minimal and should not be blown out of proportion.

As Sierra Leoneans grapple with this revelation, the Speaker’s public apology signals a commitment to rectify past mistakes and rebuild public trust. The nation now awaits further developments and actions promised by the President to address the issues within the Parliament and ensure accountability for any wrongdoing.