Talking of one of the youngest music OGs and GOATs in this continent, Speedo’o is that artiste.

The Sierra Leone-based rapper is bringing fumes and creating chaos in the HipHop music scenes, he is the kind of artist you can’t mention his name out of any HipHop conversations.

From his work creation to the level of lyrism, this young rapper is multi-talented, versatile, flexible, and the only renowned bar-king. Within his short span since he started doing music, he has already set standards high above every other rapper in his generation.

Wildly known to his fans and music lovers as the fastest rapper in Africa, the Talk of Town rapper is bound to surprise you soon, he is on the edge of making a collaboration with Khaligraph Jones, a Kenyan rapper known for his hit singles “Mazishi” and “Yego”.

Get the facts right, it’s now undoubtedly true that Speedo’o the young rapper from Sierra Leone is one of the topmost respected rappers in Africa today and he’s on the way to making sure that his name is synonymous with African hip hop.

The talented rapper is marked as the best lyricist today with the ambition of conquering the African hip hop scene with style and unprecedented finesse, something outside of the hip hop playbook that most rappers play with, he is making moves that otherwise couldn’t have done by any other mainstream and/or upcoming rapper in the hip hop industry in Africa.

His release dubbed ‘Gran Pa’ stormed the airwaves with a buzz and it was the most talked-about track for weeks.

Over the years, he has had songs with Vida titled “KRASE”, Drizilik titled “CLEVER”, T-Bass titled “WARNING” among others. Now he wants to take it to a whole other level by collaborating with Khalifgraph Jones, Kenya’s finest rapper.

Recently the kingmaker made it known to his fans that he will be having a collaboration with Khaligraph Jones. According to sources and a photo of himself in an Aeroplan, this made his fans super ecstatic for a great move made by their beloved.