The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), in their apparent disrespect for political norms, conventions and protocols , seem to have turned State House into the party office. This is the conclusion of concerned citizens who have seen an increasing tendency in President Bio to conduct SLPP party functions at State House.

Last week. President Bio set up a huge tent at the hallowed grounds of State House , hoisted the presidential podium and conducted a big SLPP party event there to receive the newly-elected SLPP Women’s Leader and reconcile party women who were at daggers drawn after the contentious and controversial SLPP Women’s Leader elections won by the First Lady’s choice candidate Hawa Foray. What was he thinking ?

President Bio’s action to use State House to conduct partisan political events is a gross violation of the official convention and protocol that official resources and buildings cannot be used for the performance of political party business of any kind . The action also violates the law against using state resources for partisan political activities.

State House was the wrong place to stage the big political event of presenting the new SLPP Women’s leader to the party Chairman, President Bio. It is not a state function and should have been conducted at the SLPP party office. .

State House belongs to the state and is solely for state functions. No political meeting or campaign directed towards the partisan aspirations of any political party can be held at State House. State House is supported by state funds and resources and is the property of the state . It was misuse of state funds and resources to have held the event there.

State House is the seat of the executive branch of government . It is purely for the conduct of executive and other functions of the government. State House is the executive office of the President and the President embodies the totality and spirit of the state and the nation.

State House is the principal work place of the President where he conducts business affecting the welfare and the benefits of the state and the people. He cannot use the office to satiate political party aspirations to the exclusion of the welfare and interests of non-supporters of his political party/ It is wrong. it is illegal.

It is an abuse of office to use state properties and state resources to promote partisan political activities. The President is using State House for selfish political gain and it is corruption of the highest order.

When the President is at work at State House, he embodies not only the title of President and Fountain of Honour of Peace and Justice of the land. He is also the Father of the nation . He is representing the interests of everybody in the state. it is therefore an abuse of the presidential title for the president to use State House as a political platform to settle partisan political issues. How can he deviate from state functions at State House to conduct party activities at the very state grounds designated only for state functions ?

When at work at State House, President is on government time for which he is receiving salary and other emoluments from the state . President Bio has used government time illegally to conduct party business while on duty at State House. It was shameful to see President Bio standing on the podium of the President of Sierra Leone at State House and telling the world “I stand here as Leader of the Sierra Leone People’s Party “. Is that the SLPP Party office ?

President Bio has committed a gross misconduct in the performance of the functions of his office and according to the dictates of the constitution , Section 51, Act 5, he should be impeached.