Statistics Sierra Leone has today, Friday 5 August 2022 issued a press release stating that they have paid 90% of field staff that worked during the 2021 Mid Term Census.

According to Stats SL payments to field staff who worked during the 2021 Mid Term Census and had successfully completed and synched their data had commenced and is still ongoing.

“We have paid up to 90% of our field staff that have been verified using our server information,” Stats SL stated.

“The remaining 10% is a mixture of those who worked satisfactorily but presented wrong bank accounts and BBANs, mismatch of names, and others who finished less than 30% of their workload,” they added.

Statistics further stated that they are currently rectifying and paying those with issues as highlighted above.

“Management has decided not to pay those who worked 30% and below and then abandoned the work. This is because they had already collected 30% payment and training allowances from Stats SL at the start of the work. The remaining 70% payment will be for those who replaced them and did the remainder of their work,” Stats SL stated.

“We therefore call for patience from field staff as we work towards finalizing all payments,” they added.

Check out the press release below: