Statistics Sierra Leone Provides Latest Update on The Ongoing Mid-Term Census – 14th December 2021

Statistics Sierra Leone continues to update Sierra Leoneans on the ongoing Mid-term Population and Housing Census.

Statistics states that counting of households and people living in Sierra Leone is ongoing in all parts of the country, with enumerators collecting detailed data.

Statistics encourages household heads to prepares short notes for members of their households. This according to Statistics will speed up the collection of data of households.

Statistics mentions that the use of digital technology is making the collection of data easy, and this will help generate a well disagregated data that will be used for development.

Statistics states that enumerators collect data from people and from the field they sync or send the data directly to Statistics Headquarters.

Statistics notes that there is monitoring mechanism in place overseeing all work being done.

Statistics confirms that all payments of and deployment of field staff have been done.

Statistics continues to call on all Sierra Leoneans to receive enumerators and to accept being counted.


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