The Director of Traffic Management and Road Safety of the Sierra Leone Police, AIG Kapr S. Kamara, on 7th January 2021, at a press conference held at Police Headquarters George Street Freetown, revealed to the press the statistic of countrywide road crashes in the year 2021.


Below is a breakdown of the analysis:

Total No. of Road Crashes

Involving Motor




Total Number of People

Fatally Injured -362

(Male-267, Female-95)

Total Number of people Seriously Injured -930 (Male 640, Female- 280)

Total Number of People Slightly Injured -22929 (Male-1436, Female-856)

Factors Responsible For Such Road Crashes

  1. Environment error – 84
  2. Mechanical error – 445
  3. Human error – 362

Category Of Persons Injured

  1. Drives/Riders -1000
  2. Passengers/Pillions -1536
  3. Pedestrians -1048

Large Quantity of Tramadol and Military Attires Arrested

Guardian Post Newspaper reports that, the press conference was collaboratively held along with the Office of National Security (ONS), the transnational Organized Crime Unit (TOCU), the National Revenue Authority (NRA), the Sierra Leone Ports Authority Security and the Pharmacy Board with various other actors in the transnational government agencies were collaboratively involved in the arrest of 37 cartons of tramadol, as well as two 20 feet containers containing Military fatigues.

According to Mr. Tamba Buffa a representative from the regulatory office, Pharmacy Board, out of the 37 cartons of tramadol, there were 11,478 boxes and 1,147,800 tablets founds in the cartons. He emphasized that the arrested Tramadol has no identity of a manufacturer and when tested, it was discovered to be 912 milligram which is supposed  to be the highest genuine approved tramadol that is on sale in registered drug stores in Sierra Leone. He concluded by noting that the genuine tramadol should only be sold to patients with severe pain problems upon prescription by a trained physician.

Meanwhile, two Nigerian nationals namely; Mercel zoro and Charles Okonkwo who were allegedly mentioned as the importers had been arrested. The sum of $39,400 fake US Dollars was discovered in their possession after a search warrant was executed at their residence. They are currently in custody helping the Police with the investigations.