The CEO of Red Flag Music, Boss La has in a cryptic social media post shaded Kao Denero, Sierra Leone’s special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment.

Boss La made his post on his Facebook page on Saturday morning following a social media rant by Kao Denero that the President of Sierra Leone All Stars, Colabo has turned down his calls and meetings request.

Recall that following his appointment from the Government of Sierra Leone as Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment, Kao Denero has made efforts to get all the stakeholders in the Entertainment Industry onboard to work as a team.

His latest efforts, being to Colabo, the President for Sierra Leone All Stars Union whom He believes will help outline issues that are affecting the Entertainment Industry. One key topic they were to discuss was about getting the Industry off politics. However, things fell apart as Colabo did not show up and refused to answer Kao Denero’s calls.

Furious Kao Denero took to social media to reveal the unfair treatment of Colabo towards him. He wrote, “Unfortunately have tried inviting my brother Colabo to meetings and tonight was the same outcome. Not showing up and not answering my calls after committing to an appointment. This is very disappointing sierra Leone.”

Few minutes later, King Boss LAJ posted on his Facebook page: “Put u pen down n woke u too able labo”

In this post, King Boss La is addressing someone to stop the talking and work. Although the post was not directed at any individual, Sierraloaded can gather from fan’s reactions of both rappers that the post was directed to Kao Denero.