Sierra Leonean Dancehall artiste, songwriter, sound engineer, and producer Stunt Man has released both the audio and video of the latest song titled “Victory”

Stunt Man’s ‘Victory’ enlightening the electorates on the need to wisely exercise their franchise in the crucial June 24th, 2023 elections.

According to Newsfeed Stunt man acknowledged that the relevance of peace in the country cannot be overemphasized, adding that Sierra Leone is a law-abiding nation that believes in democratic principles, equal rights and justice and respect for the rule of law.

Stunt Man who doubles as the Chairman of the Provincial Voices of Sierra Leone (PVSL) described the elections as a moment of victory for the electorates to put an end to socio-economic problems in the country and not limited to tribalism, nepotism, economic hardship, human rights violations, among others.

However, he stresses that only when the electorates cast their votes then it will provide a remedy for a positive change

Poverty is the order of the day that is why the election is here to alleviate poverty in this our country believe me the answer is here, we need a person who will come to unite this country to preach unity should be the catalyst, a passionate developmental-oriented, fighting against corruption should be top on the list” excerpt of the song.

Stunt Man remains the only provincial-based artiste to have won two awards in a single night of the National Entertainment Awards (NEA) in 2021 including the reigning Best Dancehall Artiste, and Best Collaboration song “Shabalaba” further impetrate voters both home and abroad to put the interest of Sierra Leone above tribal, personal, and party interests

Let’s make Sierra Leone a better place for you and I then the limit will be the sky opportunity comes but once your vote is your right take a chance now, vote Sierra Leone and not for a political party, for agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, social security even with disabilities, youth employment, and education should be our priorities never make for you to be fooled your vote is your right it is high time everyone should come on board for Sierra Leone is the only place” he concluded in the song