It’s a fact that a leadership of hate and vendetta that poses suppression or restrains one’s Human Rights is bound to inevitably fail in any democratic dispensation; not to talk of a situation where one is doing a volitional mandate.

In fact, whatever leadership position one is accorded with, one needs to demonstrate sincerity of purpose if one wants to attain success.

To say the least, Sierra Leoneans were irritated with the recent demonstration of tantrums and sheepish behaviour; unkempt and parochial demonstration of poor leadership by our Entertainment Director- Kao Denero of Black Leo Family.

Many liked-minded Sierra Leoneans have conveyed their genuine concerns and some, bitterly glared at the behaviour of Kao Denero to fire one of Sierra Leone’s greatest Journalists, Actresses, Presenters and Master of ceremonies (MC)- Amb. Phebean Swill Randall for just making her opinion known on her Facebook wall with regards to the recent increase in the price of fuel.

This fine and untainted personality was quickly dismissed from the Entertainment Board simply because she refused to go by the dictates of Kao Denero to delete the comment she made on her Facebook wall. Imagine! ‘This pass advantage ‘

Phebean Swill Randall is someone I’ve met. One thing I will not hesitate to stake my life for her is her passion to see Sierra Leone develop at all costs.

Such a daughter of the land doesn’t deserve such treatment, especially when she’s a journalist and has the moral obligation to critique whenever the need arises.

To Mr. Kao Denero, I want to ask you these few questions that always run into the minds of many.

First, are you consolidating or dividing the Entertainment Industry?

Again, is the appointment given to you to muscle and silence key players in the Entertainment Industry?

Importantly, are you working for the interest of your paymasters or Sierra Leone?

Lastly, are you sure of succeeding if you keep on silencing every entertainer in Sierra Leone? I guess the answer to the aforementioned questions is a big NO.

Mr. Kao, sincerity of purpose is imminent if actually, you want to succeed. Remember, you’re not only serving SLPP but Sierra Leone. In fact Mr. Kao, Politics and Leadership are incompatible!

Phebean my sister, be courageous and keep on soaring as good things await you. Congratulations on your recent acknowledgement as Mandela Washington Fellow.Thumbs ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘up to you.

It’s indeed true that when one door is locked another will unlock.