Sierra Leonean Musician By the name of Sugar B has been in a heated exchange with Sierra Leonean  Afro-pop Star Heyden Adama as he expressed disappointment for not being credited for his contribution to one of Adama’s Songs

According to Sugar B, Lordmo laid the foundation for him to be featured on the song “Fit en Gbet” by Heyden Adama, and the song became one of the most popular which was played all over the country.

Unfortunately, he noted, since the release of the song, neither a credit nor a penny, has ever been given to him.

He wrote;
It’s a shame you’re still promoting this song without acknowledging my little effort on this song! I never knew you Heyden and I was at the studio that very day when lord Mo work up to me and said Heyden Adama wants to feature you on her song and through the influence of Lord Mo, I have no other option but to say Yes without wasting time. R enter the studio and asked lord Mo to play the song, I listen to it for a few minutes then write my verse b4 30 minutes I’m done doing my vocals… I still regret how you keep posing with this Song without acknowledging my effort. No credit and my name are not even tagged in the Video. Sorry to say but that’s so unprofessional

Heyden wasted no time replying to sugar by saying she never knew Sugar B and that his problem should be with Lordmo.

Adama replied ;
dude. This song has been out for over 13 years. I didn’t know you. As you said. I still don’t know you. The video was done by Moses and his teams. I just did the record. Sounds like your problem is with Moses, not me. And besides that for many many years after you kept hitting me up asking me for money. I don’t know you. Lord moe got you on the song. Go deal with him.

This comes after Heyden Adama shared her debut song “Fit en Gbet” on Facebook to reflect on the success of the song.

Fit en Gbet was Adama’s debut song released in 2019, that brought her nationwide fame.

She became one of Sierra Leone’s most adored artists at the time. Bangura’s style of music adopts a rather laid-back yet eclectic mix of genres in Reggae, R&B, and Afrobeats, which in itself is a subtle mix of traditional African rhythms.