Former Flagbearer Candidate for the 2023 Presidential Elections of the main opposition All Peoples Congress Party (APC) MD. Susan Bona has filed in her resignation letter to the party’s Secretary General.

Bona, was in record as the first female Candidate to declare for the highly male contested flag bearer race of the main opposition APC party along with Dr. Samura Kamara, Dr. Richard Conteh, Dr. Kaifala Marrah, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, Palo Conteh, Dr. Paul Almamy Bangura and so on.

She revealed that, since joining the party in 2011, she has been deeply committed to the vision of a Sierra Leone where equality prevails, inspired by initiatives such as the 30% quota for women and former President Ernest Koroma’s vision of rebranding the APC, adding that her involvement has always been driven by a desire to contribute positively to our nation’s discourse and development.

She furthered that, she feels regret as she has observed a shift in the party’s dynamics that no longer aligns with her cherished values.

Giving reasons for her resignation, she said, the increasing toxicity within the party’s politics, characterized by violence, tribalism, and regional discrimination, particularly against the Mende and Kono tribes, compels her to step down, adding that, the lack of action from their leadership in addressing these critical issues has convinced her to understand that the current path of the APC diverges significantly from the principles it once stood for.

She said, her decision to resign came after several reflection on the party’s current state and its deviation from the principles of respect and unity that should define their course.

It is apparent that the noble aspirations of rebranding and righting the political landscape, which once drew me to the APC, have been overshadowed by actions that jeopardize our collective quest for national cohesion and progress. I am grateful for the relationships and experiences I gained while serving our party and people”she stated.

She thanked former President Ernest Koroma, former Secretary-General and now Deputy Chairman Yansaneh, and Chairman Minkailu Mansaray for their support and leadership as well as to her supporters and team.

She figured out ‘Team Bona’ for their dedication and commitment as that has been the cornerstone of their endeavors and progress at all times.

While this chapter closes, I cherish our bonds and look forward to future collaborations under new circumstances. In closing, I apologize to anyone adversely affected by my departure and express my heartfelt appreciation to all who have supported my journey within the APC. This is not an end but a redirection towards a path that aligns more closely with my values and vision for our country. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.” she ended.