The Minister of Information and Communications, Mohamed Rahman Swaray alias Rado Swaray has launched his foundation at Islamic Secondary School in Kenema District.

Speaking at the ceremony this morning, Fanta Sesay, a teacher, appreciated the minister for what he has done for the school and his support for education in the country at large.

The teacher said that they form the Foundation because of the goodwill of the minister over years.

She singled out Swaray for being outstanding from among the other ministers from the district chosen by President Bio.

Chairman of the Conference of Principals Kenema District, Alhaji Mansaray said the minister has a disciplined personality. He also praised the formation of the Foundation. Mansaray also resonated with Sesay’s view of Swarray’s support for education.

Minister Swaray, speaking at the event, said he was surprised by the initiative by teachers at his alma mater. He appreciated the gesture and expressed gratitude to the teachers and staff of the school.

The Communication Minister narrated his poor background and how that motivated him to be what he is today. He affirmed that the Foundation will work together with the President’s Free Quality Education (FQE) Project.

Several members who attended the event made pledges as a form of support.