Former Big Sister Salone Roommate Bestyz Season 3, Lucinda Theresa Mboma popularly known as Sweet Lu blasted critics for advising her after her raunchy tape leaked on social media.

Sweet Lu explained that, some people advised her not to post anything on social media to avoid stress and being bully. She said people also told her that, the more she goes on social media, the more it will become worst for her.

In her response, Sweet Lu said that she doesn’t care because she was not the one that ask them to post her video. In that light, she can’t enslave herself and she will continue to do what she likes. “That will not stop me from coming on social media doing my stuff that I always do” ­she stated. She continued saying that, she will not frustrate herself for anyone and kill herself. She added that she went through it once and she will not make it twice. “The very first time it happened, I locked myself in the room to almost 1 year,” she added.

Few weeks ago, videos of Sweet Lu resurfaced on social media which took the attention of Sierra Leoneans. After going viral, the ex-Big Sister Salone Roommate shed tears and explained how the videos destroyed her new relationship. After few days of controlling the stress, Sweet Lu has cleared the air that, she will continue what she has been doing and nothing will stop her from coming on social media to do her stuff.