Former Big Sister Salone Roommate Bestyz Season 3, Lucinda Mboma commonly known as Sweet Lu has shed tears in a video after her raunchy tape leaked on social media.

On her video, Sweet Lu stated that, the tape that has gone viral is an old one which was done a year ago. She told Sierra Leoneans that was the first mistake of his life and never expected people to share it again as she is trying to build her relationship. To defending herself, Sweet Lu said that, the tattoo that she currently has is not shown in the video, which means the video is an old one.

The Ex-Big Sister Salone Roommate shed tears as she explains how the video has damaged her career. She said because of the video, her current manager has left her after spending so much time, resources and energy to build the relationship. She asked the type of man that will like to startup with her after seeing such video. While explaining, Sweet Lu shed tears.