Popular female journalist, Phebean Swill has commended Honorable Mohamed Bangura for taking the Oath of Office as a member of parliament today 13th July 2023.

She stated that Mohamed Bangura’s decision shows patriotism as he put Sierra Leone over his political party.

Swill said Bangura’s decision is worthy of emulation by public servants as it will make Sierra Leone a better nation.

“Man of the day in Sierra Leone!

Thank you Honorable Mohamed Bangura for taking action on your promises to your people to represent them in parliament.

Thank you for putting Sierra Leone first above your party.

If this display of patriotism is emulated by public servants it would make Sierra Leone a better nation.”

According to the All People’s Congress (APC) party, which is the political party of Bangura, all their elected representatives were to boycott all governmental administration until their demands from the just concluded June 24th elections results are met.