Following the publication and distribution of the Audit Report on the Ebola Funds, many tongues have been wagging about the state of the funds and that there are several people who should be held accountable.

One of the names that were mentioned was Moijue Kaikai, former Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs.

It is a fact that when Ebola was at its height in the country, many friendly countries, organizations and individuals made donations in cash and kind. Most of these monies were deposited into a special Ebola account lodged at Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB).

During the period under review Ebola funds accumulated under the erstwhile Social Welfare Minister Moijue Kaikai rose up to Le3 billion, which were left in the coffers by Moijue Kaikai and for which he yesterday confirmed to this press in a telephone interview that the actual amount he left in the coffers was actually three billion Leones for livelihood support to Ebola survivors and not Le1.9 billion as the current Social Welfare Minister, Dr. Sylvia Blyden is trying to convince the general public that that was the amount left and that the remainder had been misappropriated by her rivals and Deputy Minister, Rugiatu Neneh Turay, something which the latter has vehemently denied; describing it as a ploy to tarnish her name and hard-won reputation.

Following the Audit Report on Ebola Funds, Dr. Blyden attempted to paint a bad picture of her Deputy Minister and the past administration of Moijue Kaikai as being responsible for the current sad state of Ebola survivors who quite recently went on the rampage demanding that what is due them given to them.

The issue received a lot of publicity but what came out clearly was the fact that Dr. Blyden could not substantiate her accusations against her Deputy and the former Social Welfare Minister Mojue Kaikai. Try as she would to paint the duo as bad and mismanaging a whopping Le1.9 billion, it has emerged that all she wants to do is create tension at the Social Welfare Ministry following the disgraceful and unprofessional manner she treated a number of senior civil servants at the ministry as if she had the right to sack or apply for their dismissal which she obviously was unable to do, the reason why she is now so spiteful and doing everything within her power to upset the good work of the Deputy Minister and the former Minister Moijue Kaikai without success.

Following this latest discovery, Dr. Sylvia Blyden who staffs at the Social Welfare Ministry describe as “a tyrant and a dictator” has lost the small respect she once had when she initially took over the reins at this most important ministry. She is accused of doing her worst to upset whatever good works is being done and in the process blaming others for her own inadequacies and pitfalls.

Staff at the Social Welfare Ministry are of the opinion that Dr. Blyden should be sacked or transferred to another ministry, otherwise progress and development of Ebola beneficiaries and other vulnerable people who rely on the Social Welfare Ministry would end up suffering under Dr. Blyden more than they have ever suffered before.

In other words, all Dr. Blyden has been seeking to do is give the impression that her predecessor Moijue Kaikai did not work in the interest of the ministry and the country; and at the same time present her current deputy minister as not capable and responsible enough for the position she was appointed to by President Koroma.