Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has praised the Sierra Leone People’s Party for an action done by the First Lady, Madama Fatima Maada Bio.

Fatima Bio was captured on a photo, standing in a cue to cast her vote as a verified delegate, as result, Sylvia Blyden got impressed by her action and took it to her twitter timeline in praises of the SLPP.

She describes the First Lady’s action as an Intra-Political Democracy at best, considering a whole wife of the Head of State to patiently stand in a line with others just to cast a vote, when she has the influence and power to just walk in and do the needful, but chose to stand in a cue with others.

For this, Sylvia Blyden sends Respects to the SLPP and looks forward to when the APC will disentangle themselves OFF from those who just don’t understand the meaning of “democratic principles.