Sylvia Blyden, a well-known and influential politician, has addressed the concerns raised by numerous Sierra Leoneans who have placed their trust in her ability to comment on significant issues affecting the nation.

Blyden has consistently expressed her disapproval of the decision made by elected officials from the APC party to boycott the sixth parliament of Sierra Leone’s second republic.

In one of her recent statements, she emphasized that individuals affiliated with the APC, including supporters and stakeholders, cannot be associated with terrorism, as they possess sound judgment and rational thinking.

She responded by drawing analysis from the past and it reads; Fellow Citizens, I am seeing all your questions to me around the inane and insane decision by the Jihadists faction of the APC for a boycott of Parliament (and Local Government Councils). Trust me that I will soon do another Facebook Live broadcast to address the myriad of questions. For now, let me give you quick summaries on a situation reminding me of Bob Marley’s music, NATURAL MYSTIC.

A natural mystic is flowing to eradicate Jihadism and Terrorism from our governance structures. Let’s allow Divine Intervention to have its way. To quote Bob Marley: “There’s a natural mystic blowin’ through the air. If you listen carefully now you will hear”.

Let’s have Faith in God’s direction over our beautiful country. Let’s allow things to flow. All liquids will eventually find their Levels.

Anyway, here’s a Quick Summary:

Section 94(1) of Sierra Leone Constitution mandates the creation of a subsidiary legislation known as the Standing Orders (SOs) which are the procedures that are used to run Parliament.

The Standing Orders under SO(1A) particularly SO(1A)(3) currently say that even if you are elected to Parliament, you are NEVER a Member of Parliament (MP) but simply an *MP-Designate* until you present yourself to the Clerk of Parliament to take your Oath and be assigned your special seat in the Well of Parliament.

Furthermore, SO77(2) says that if an MP absents himself for a total of 30 sittings in any one Term without good cause (like sickness), he/she will immediately lose their seat – automatically. But that is for those who actually took the Oath and then absented themselves from sittings.

For those who treated their Mandate with utter Contempt and so they never presented themselves to the Clerk of Parliament to take the sacred Oath, well SO(83) has the answer for such a situation not expressly provided for.

In such a situation of elected MP-Designates treating their mandate with contempt, SO(83) says the Speaker, in consultation with the Clerk of Parliament, will decide what to do and the Speaker’s decision shall be FINAL.

In other words, NOBODY can question whatever decision that the Speaker will take concerning the absence of those elected MPs who contemptuously never went to take the Oath. Infact, the Constitution under Section 94(2) precludes even the Supreme Court from looking into such a decision by the Speaker.

I will soon do some Live Facebook broadcasts some time this week from here in London but you can assimilate this information first.

You can also freely quote me and freely reshare this my update. I chose these photos because that is how I was dressed on the day the House of Parliament celebrated me in the Well of Parliament as a Woman of Substance in the Republic of Sierra Leone. The other picture (in my Krio print outfit) was taken up on the hills of academia (Fourah Bay College) to signify the beauty of being a good researcher; as exhibited in this my well-researched piece.

This Krio Lady way name Sylvia Olayinka Blyden na wan kind excellent researcher and a very truthful and outstanding one as well. A true Woman of Substance. Ee hart you? Na for bear yah. As long as the MAJORITY appreciaappreciatest’s okay.

God bless Sierra Leone.โ€