Dr. Sylvia Blyden, responding to her mention in the reports by the European Union Chief Election Observer, Evin Incir, regarding the June 24 general elections, has taken legal action against the European Union Election Observer’s Mission.

In a post on her social media, Blyden announced, “I have today filed a WRIT OF SUMMONS at the High Court of Sierra Leone, targeting Chief Observer Evin Incir, Deputy Chief Observer Inta Lase, Social Media Analyst Lukasz Wilda Domaradzki, Legal Analyst Sylvian Ollier, and the European Union Elections Observation Mission (EU-EOM) for publications I deem malicious and defamatory.”

Blyden emphasized that the controversial EU-EOM report clearly mentions that its content is reflective of the personal views of the observers and not the official stance of the European Union. She expressed hope that neither the Sierra Leone Government nor the EU Mission in Sierra Leone would invoke “Diplomatic Immunity” to obstruct her quest for justice.

She also elaborated on her legal strategy, revealing plans to extend her legal actions beyond Sierra Leone. “The documents I submitted today in Freetown mark just the beginning. I also intend to approach the European Court of Human Rights in France, fighting for the restoration of my reputation,” Blyden affirmed.

She concluded by hinting at a forthcoming press statement. “A more comprehensive press release detailing legal and related matters will be released later this week,” she informed.