The 2021 midterm population and housing census result show increment in the country’s population, which has led the Electoral Commission Sierra Leone to embark on boundary delimitations across the country.

Boundary delimitations are use to create new constituencies for members of parliament and new local councils wards in districts which have increase in their population.

With regards the decision of the ECSL, opposition parties in the country have raised concerns over the issue saying it is untimely for boundary eliminations in the country.

Popular female political of the opposition All People’s Congress APC Party has given her opinion of what she thinks will solve the issue of boundary delimitation for the coming 2023 elections across the country.

She said the President has vehemently condemned the old 2015 Census when it was proclaimed by the former President, and there is no way he will give clearance for any more elections to be conducted under his watch if with Constituencies demarcated using the old 2015 Census figures.

“Clearly, President Maada Bio is never going to accept for the use of the 2015 Census to be the lodestar by which we run next year’s 2023 General Elections”.

“In the same vein, the 2021 Census also stands impugned by the Opposition’s disrespectful antics to derail the exercise proclaimed by the President”.

“We are in a morass”.

“So our Nation has to start thinking ahead as to how we exit the imbroglio”.

“For me, I continue to suggest that the upcoming 2022 Voter Register is the statistical tool to determine how many seats & wards that each Electoral District should get for 2023 Elections”.