In a heartfelt appeal, Issa Kamara, Chairman of the Maforkei stone miners, along with numerous colleagues, has shed light on the difficulties they encounter in both their living conditions and their arduous profession.

With their numbers growing beyond 45 due to limited job opportunities, Kamara emphasizes their collective support system, where members rally together to provide aid during times of sickness and funerals.

Kamara stated, “We’ve formed a tight-knit community, helping one another instead of resorting to illicit activities. We’re ensuring our children receive an education by making the most of our stone mining work.”

Isatu Kamara, a dedicated female worker who affectionately goes by the moniker “Satu Stone,” revealed the unique challenges faced by women in the stone-breaking process, underscoring the physically demanding nature of the job. Despite these hardships, she remains committed to providing for her four children and financing their education through her laborious efforts.

Mohamed Gibrill Sesay, also known as the deputy chairman, echoed Kamara’s sentiments, illustrating the division of their workplace into three distinct areas accommodating both women and school-going children.

The shared struggles among the miners are evident, with limited alternative job prospects, inadequate access to tools, and the toll of strenuous labor emerging as primary concerns.

Seeking assistance from various organizations or potential sources, the miners implore for much-needed support to alleviate their challenges and improve their circumstances.