The Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law-Sierra Leone (CARL-SL) has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court with regards their ruling on the District Block Proportional Representation (PR) System.

in a press release issued on Tuesday 31 January, the human rights organisation commended the Judiciary, and appreciated the expeditious manner in which they handled the matter.

The judgment reinforces the power of the Supreme Court to hold the President accountable to presidential limits,” CARL-SL noted in the release.

They added that the matter was handled in a transparent and an expeditious manner that lasted just 18 days since the sitting commenced.

The human rights institution, however, pleaded with the court to ensure that they deal with other electoral justice matter with urgency as they believe that that is one of the key challenges facing the justice system. The institution said that research conducted recently proved that there is a ‘reluctance by the Supreme Court to resolve election-related disputes on their merit.’

CARL-SL said that they are hopeful that the court will solve all election related cases before the June 2023 elections.

In another news, Justice Adrian Fisher has sent out notice that he will not be sitting on cases for three days. The Judge said that all cases within the aforementioned days will sit on Thursday February 2. Justice Fisher is the judge in several high profile political cases.