During the Ministry of Information and Civil Education’s weekly press conference, Professor Foday Sahr, the National Coordinator of the National Task Force on Drug and Substance Abuse, outlined a comprehensive plan aimed at eradicating the prevalence of Kush, a notorious drug, from the nation.

Prof. Sahr detailed the Task Force’s multifaceted approach, which includes extensive public education campaigns, community engagement initiatives, provision of care and treatment, rehabilitation efforts, and strategies for successful reintegration into society. Notably, he disclosed that over 70% of individuals undergoing rehabilitation have received support to further their education or acquire vocational skills, facilitating their smooth reintegration into their families and communities.

In addition to these initiatives, Prof. Sahr announced plans to review existing drug laws to bolster the fight against drug abuse. This effort will be bolstered by collaborative efforts with both local and international partners, including support from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Highlighting the partnership with the US CDC, Prof. Sahr revealed that the organization has committed to providing essential resources such as testing strips for diagnosing drug use, facilitating the collection, shipment, and analysis of samples abroad, and assisting in the establishment of a testing laboratory within the country. This collaboration underscores the Task Force’s dedication to leveraging global expertise and resources in its mission to combat drug abuse effectively.

In conclusion, Prof. Sahr emphasized the Task Force’s unwavering commitment to addressing the drug epidemic comprehensively, with a focus on prevention, treatment, and law enforcement. He urged the public to support these efforts and reiterated the importance of collective action in overcoming the challenges posed by drug abuse.