Teachers Solidarity Movement (TSM) has on a public notice dated 24th April, 2022, responded to the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, David Moinina Sengeh’s release on the third term reopening of schools.

The group of teachers on the Notice, rejects what is contained in the Minister’s release, describing it as unfortunate, appalling and disgusting.

They informed that they are determined to stay home until they are provided with improved conditions of service, fair enough to help them provide for their families.  See notice below:

Dear All True Meaning Sierra Leone,

We hope you read that unfortunate Press Release from the Minister of Basic Education. We here therefore write to reject that appalling and most disgusting Press Release ever in the history of Sierra Leone dated 23rd April, 2022, written by David M. Sengeh. 

If Sengeh does not know what is it like going to school emotionally down, leaving ones loved ones home sick and ridiculed by their peers because their teacher parents could not provide them their basic needs, due to the appalling salary, let him watch the position we have taken. He might later understand that our call is the best way to go. We are reemphasizing that we are not going to any schools until classroom salaries are raised to meeting with requirements of stuffs in the market. We are resolute to see Mr. Minister sack everyone of us like crazy for we have nothing to lose anymore.

The only thing now that can get us to school is improved conditions of service, fair enough to help us provide for our families. If sacking all suffering teachers will help solve the problem of ridiculous salaries so be it. We have suffered worse conditions for very many years and pushing us out may embolden us to engage in something better for a living. We are ready for the worst if the good we ask for is not provided. We go to no school until further notice on the improvement of conditions of service in the classroom.

We cannot be hypocrites to future generations. Going to school and do nothing but hissing throughout in classrooms is the second biggest hypocrisy in education, surpassed only by that of paying peanuts to teachers.

Sierra Leoneans, Mr. David Sengeh receives fat salaries for two positions he alone occupies in the government. He therefore does not know what it is like to go to work hungry because of pittance salary. A teacher would have to teach continuously for over 12 years to earn David Sengeh’s single salary. He is like all opportunist politicians who do not care about truly making Sierra Leone a better place for poor people’s children. He sends his children to private schools and pays triple times to their home instructors what a teacher receives as salary in public schools. This is why he did not hesitate to release such an obnoxious Press Release that ridiculous teachers call for better conditions of service. We are not going to any school until GoSL take us and education in Sierra Leone seriously.