Michael Williams aka Number One has on Saturday February 29, 2020, told Premier News that Competent Film Production, a local film producing company, has released a movie titled “Temple Run”, in December 2019.

Williams said that the Movie which was written and directed by him inspires education and comedy. He said he had been inspired to write the script of the movie as a result of the volume of deaths among illegal migrants especially Sierra Leoneans seeking to find greener pasture through illegal means. He said that the movie starred Sierra Leonean movie stars like Sara Di Great, Artical Foyoh, Sana and many more.

He explained that he started his career in the entertainment industry as an actor in Competent Production Company which originally started as a drama group, but later transformed into the area of film production.

Williams further stated that due to his dedication and passion for acting, he had played leading roles on many movies in the country with Sierra Leonean movie stars, adding that he is an actor, comedian, script writer and movie director. He said, “I have written so many movies that had made it to the market like: “The Quarantine Home”; a movie after the Ebola outbreak, “Old Soldier”, a comedy; “Women in Power”, a Village Movie and “The Temple Run.”

He said that, due to his good production, he was nominated in 2018, by the New Skool Award Company in the categories of Best New Director, Best New Writer and Best New Actor. He added, “This year I have been also nominated as best Comedian in the country by the New Skool Award Company.”

Williams said that, in 2019, he assisted in directing a Movie “Sonia” in which Nollywood actress Regina Daniel starred.