Sierra Leone-born singer Jacob Evangelist popularly known as The Therapist has on his Instagram handle stunned new hot photos that showed off the beauty of skin to fans and supporters.

The singer is unarguably one of the most talented and  handsome musician in the Sierra Leone music industry. His record “Nack” is an impressive breakthrough single for the The Therapist, the song is exactly what Sierra Leoneans are looking for in a song and as well the outside world.

On the stunned photos, the celebrity showed off the beauty of his skin and his mini six-packs. His fine long hair is another unique attribute that distinguish him from all Sierra Leonean male entertainers.

In his Instagram handle, the celebrity posted these photos which have got so many reactions from fans and supporters that have longed to see him behind the clothes. The celebrity has fulfilled the dreams of many who had wished for this day when they finally opportune to see sexy hot photos of The Therapist without clothes on.