Ajibu Jalloh, former strategic communication officer of the erstwhile Ernest Koroma led All Peoples’ Congress (APC) party has informed supporters of the APC that the worst APC is better than the best SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party).

Jalloh was making the statement during a press conference held at the part’s 11 Old Railway Line Headquarter in Freetown. The conference which was organized on Saturday, 8th October 2022, by the ITGC, was to update the media and the general membership of the party on the stride made by the committee on the voter registration and other developments.

Ajibu told members and supporters of the APC not to forget in a hurry the strides and transformations made by the former President, Ernest Bai Koroma led executives and its founder fathers. Ajibu urged supporters to celebrate the past APC executives with round of applause.

The former strategic communication man informed the gathering of three important tenses, namely, the future, the present and the past. He likens those tenses to those who have served the APC, those who are presently serving and those who will be serving the party.

“It is time a new breed of the APC to come and serve a various capacities while the erstwhile executive will be there to serve as advice-givers. All we want now is to see a united APC so that we can easily take State House come 2023,” he said.

Giving updates on the current activities of the ITGC through a press release, Interim Chairman, and Alfred Peter Conteh said the ITGC has completed over 50% of tasks under their control on time. The others, he said are partially completed, adding that they will be working assiduously to ensure the remaining tasks are meted within the shortest possible time.

“The ITGC embarked on a countryside tour that specifically focuses on restoring hope to the our members across the country that the APC is in full preparedness to take power come 2023.”