All seems to be unwell with the relationship between the President of Sierra Leone All Stars, Prezo Colabo and Amara Denis Turay ‘Kao Denero’, the Special Envoy and Investment for Entertainment.ย 

Kao Denero shared on his Facebook page that he had a brief discussion with Colabo who happens to be the president for Sierra Leone All Stars Union. As the Ambassador, he has been trying to reach out to stakeholders to work as a team and move the industry forward.

It seems like the discussion with Colabo should have continued today. According to Kao Denero, he has been trying to reach out to Colabo but he is refusing to answer his calls and he didn’t show up for the meeting they both agreed.
He had selected a 2 day dialogue with the Stakeholders in the Entertainment Sector. Ahead of that, he as the Ambassador for Special Envoy and Investment for Entertainment and Colabo as the President for All Stars Union should meet and discuss issues that are affecting the Entertainment Industry that they can present to the government.

The Ambassador expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment from Colabo for not showing up for the meeting and his refusal to answer his calls.

He wrote on his Facebook page:

“Unfortunately have tried inviting my brother Colabo to meetings and tonight was the same outcome.Not showing up and not answering my calls after committing to an appointment.This is very disappointing sierra leone”.