A Sierra Leonean Tiktoker identified as Abibatu Konneh has sent a strong message to the social media queen, Hawa Tombo concerning her married and the way she uses social media.

Abibatu Konneh blamed Hawa Tombo for the social media bashing. According to her, Hawa should not take her married affairs on social media instead she should consult her godfather and godmother for advice. She advised her to remove her married affairs from social media. The TikToker added that they are interested on the divorce matter of her and Musa because they were not the ones that build their married. “Dragging issues on social media that you don’t want Musa Tombo doesn’t make sense. Even if you say you don’t want him again, we don’t want to know because it was not us that settle your married. We don’t need to know”. She stated.

Abibatu brought instances of other relationships. She said other house wives are going through a lot in their married homes but they always put themselves together when they are in the public. “There are people that are going through a lot in their married homes but they always smile when they are in public as if as nothing is happening and cry when they are at home” she spoke.

She assured Hawa Tombo that she is popular already since she is married to Musa Tombo who is a superstar. “If you want to popular, I will assure that you are already popular. Because the married alone to Musa Tombo has made you become popular since Musa is a superstar”. She assured. She asked Hawa Tombo what she really wants again on social media.

She gives reason why she like Hawa at first. She stated that she likes the social media queen because she is supportive to her husband but her actions have reduced the love she has for her. “I was having so much love for you because I saw you as a supportive woman, I saw you as someone who help her husband to build up his career. That was the reason I like you but to be honest, you are doing things that are irrelevant,” she added

Abibatu brought the issue of Julie Tombo. She blamed Hawa for being the cause and giving the opportunity to Julie to claim Musa as her husband because she called for a divorce on social media. “You are the cause. Now that you have sell your married home to the street and people are talking any kind ways, you are feeling offended. You made Musa to say words that he didn’t supposed to say. Hawa you are wrong. You need to put yourself together and seek advice”. She concluded.