SLPP Presidential hopeful, Rtd. Brig. Maada Bio seems to be more interested in his ongoing social mobilisation campaign rather than his Presidential ambition, Sierraloaded has observed.

Sierraloaded gathered that, On Wednesday, 21st October, as thousands of people gathered outside the Fachima Complex in Koidu, Bio has expressed interest in fighting Ebola rather than politics.

Speaking to one of the largest gatherings ever seen in recent times in Koidu, Rtd. Brig. Bio said that said that this is time for us to finish Ebola and not time for politics. According to him, he was in Kono as part of the social mobilisation efforts by government to finish the Ebola fight.

In a short speech, Bio further thanked the local community including various Kono stakeholders and the international community for the fight so far.

To the loudest applause, a confident Rtd. Brig. Bio said that he will come again and that will be the time for politics.

After addressing thousands of people outside Fachima Complex, the Rtd. Brig. Bio also visited officials of the Kono District Ebola Response Team where Paramount Chief Paul Ngaba Saquee who is the district coordinator briefed Rtd. Brig. Bio on the current Ebola situation in the district.

In response, Rtd. Brig. Bio explained to the Ebola response officials that he was in the district to add his voice to efforts by government to eradicate Ebola. He also thanked all the officials working at the response centre and commended international community for their support.

Earlier, Rtd. Brig. Bio made a brief stop at Sewafe, where he also thanked stakeholders and community leaders for their efforts in the fight against Ebola.

In Koidu, Rtd. Brig. Bio and entourage were given a triumphant welcome as thousands of people stood on both sides of the roads singing songs of praises welcoming Rtd. Brig. Bio for his social mobilisation drive.

According to Observers, The massive turn out of thousands of people in koidu will go a long way to spread the message of Rtd. Brig. Bio that “Paopa Ebola for don”