Well, some people may say it means nothing.

But have you heard of ‘palindrome’? The word is used to describe a set of numbers or letters, or even symbols and words, that reads the same forward or backwards.

Lemon, dad, radar, madam, melon, 101 and ‘don’t nod’ are palindromes.

Now, look at today’s date. It looks unassuming when written in words but makes palindromic sense when jotted down in numbers.

It’s the 22nd of February, 2022, right? Since February is the second month of any year in the popular Gregorian Calendar, let us replace it with the number 2. Now, let’s add 0 before that 2 since there are 12 months (two digits) in the year.

We have 22/02/2022 or 22022022. Read it forward or backwards, it’s the same. That’s a palindrome.

And guess what? We’re going to have a similar palindrome in eight years’ time when the date will read 03022030.

Whether or not this sounds special, see you in 2030!

Note: The word ‘palindrome’ is derived from the Greek words ‘palin’, which means ‘again’, and ‘drome’, which means ‘direction’.