Amidst August 10 Protest, Police Officers Charged For Riotous Conduct

Magistrate Isata Sellu Tucker of the Pademba Road Court No. 2 has again remanded a former police officer attached to the Kambia Police Station, Ramatu Noamie Dumbuya for the offences riotous conduct and disorderly behaviour contrary to the Public Order Act 32 of 1965.

Led in evidence by sub inspector, Baindu Bona, prosecution witness (PW) 2, Assistant Superintendent of police ASP Tarawally attached to the Kambia Station as a Commanding Officer has testified in the ongoing riotous matter involving Ramatu Noemi Dumbuya charged with riotous conduct and disorderly behaviour contrary to laws of Sierra Leone.

It alleged that the accused, on Wednesday 10 August, 2022 at the Kambia Lorry Park was found behaving in a riotous and disorderly manner.

In continuation of his testimony, ASP Tarawally said he recognized accused as a retiree from the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) force who was attached to the aforesaid police station in Kambia.

The witness said he recalled on Sunday 21 August, 2022, adding that he was on duty, when he received a call from the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the said police station.

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On the following day, he said he was called at the aforesaid police station where he made a statement. Similarly, prosecution witness (PW3) Detective Police Constable 18128 showers Morlai Kamara attached to the CID Kambia Police Station, he said recognized the accused an could recall the day in question.

DPC Kamara added that he was on duty at the said police station, when the Crime Officer, the Deputy Assistant Superintendent of Police (DASP) Joseph Boima Lahai, assigned to him the matter that has to do with riotous and disorderly behaviour for further investigation.

On the same day, PW3 said he, Sub Inspector and Abdulai Kanu, obtained a voluntary caution statement from the accused, adding that at the end of the statement, she appended her signature on it, which was witnessed by Sub Inspector Abdul Kanu. The accused’s voluntary caution statement was produced and tendered to form part of the court’s records.

The witness said on 22 August 2022, a team of police officers headed by DASP Abdulai Lahai conducted a search at the accused’s residence, but during the search, nothing of police interest was discovered.

During cross examination by Defense Counsel M. Baratay confronted the witness saying during his investigation, he didn’t record every bit of the accused’s statement, responding, he said he did.

Lawyer Baratay asked the witness if he told the accused that he had right to a legal representation, to which he responded in the affirmative. He asked the witness if he has evidence to show that the day in question, he found the accused fight which he answered yes.

He added whether he has evidence to show that the accused was throwing missiles responding he said he was not at the crime scene.

He put it to Him if he aware that there was a malice between the accused and the LUC at the Kambia Police Station

Responding he said that was not to his knowledge.

Eventually, Mr. Baratay renewed his application for bail on behalf of the accused by citeing section 79 of the Criminal Procedure Act No. 32 of 1965.

The prosecutor Sub Inspector Baindu Bona intimated the bench that she has closed he case, responding Defense Counsel M. Baratay assured the bench that he would serve his no case submission on the next adjourned date.

Magistrate Tucker denied the accused bail and remanded her at the Male Correctional on Pademba Road in Freetown. The matter was adjourned to 21st September 2022.


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