Drivers using the three major toll roads in Sierra Leone will see adjusted toll fees starting today, following approval by Parliament.

The Parliament unanimously agreed to revise the toll tariffs after a public debate. The changes aim to address concerns raised by citizens and stakeholders while adhering to a concession agreement.

A report by the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Works and Public Assets highlighted the need for transparency and citizen consideration in the adjustment process. The Committee also emphasized the importance of a comprehensive review of the entire concession agreement, as mandated every three years.

The new toll rates apply to all three toll gates on the highway: Hastings, Songo, and Masiaka. The fees are categorized by vehicle type:

Group 1 (Keke): Le1 to NLe3
Group 2 (Taxis): Le2 to NLe5
Group 3 (SUVs, Pickup Jeeps, Mini Buses): Le4 to NLe10
Group 4 (Coaches, Small and Light Vans): Le18 to NLe40
Group 5 (Fuel Tankers – Loaded): Le100 to NLe250
Group 6 (Heavy-Duty Vehicles): Le183 to NLe400
Group 6 (Heavy-Duty Trucks, Trailers, Semi-trailers): New Category – NLe600
Officials Assure No Impact on Prices

Authorities assured that the toll adjustments won’t lead to increased transportation fares or commodity prices. The Motor Drivers Union reportedly supports the changes, citing plans by the construction company (CRSG) to build more highways in the country.