In a recent development aimed at bolstering international standards for local produce, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Ibrahim Alpha Sesay, unveiled plans for the privatization of the Standard Bureau. This pivotal decision was disclosed during the ministry’s weekly press briefing on key initiatives.

Mr. Sesay emphasized the imperative for the Standard Bureau to possess robust capabilities in testing local goods, ensuring compliance with global benchmarks for consumption. Underlining the necessity of this move, he reiterated the need for enhanced capacities within the Bureau to certify local products for global export.

During his address, the Minister assured the public of imminent actions to establish a specialized standard laboratory. This facility will play a pivotal role in certifying food items and other commodities, paving the way for their seamless entry into the global market.

The Minister’s announcement signals a proactive step towards fostering quality assurance and compliance with international standards, aiming to strengthen the country’s position in the global trade arena. This strategic move is expected to not only elevate the quality of local products but also enhance their competitiveness on the global stage.