The Permanent Secretary and Procurement Committee of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation has promised to terminate the contract with Tropical Autos after making 71% payment for two vehicles vehicles worth Le1,390,000,000 that are yet to be delivered.

The calabash Newspaper reported that the ministry of transport and aviation is yet to provide evidence of the Le983,000,000 (71%) payment made for two vehicles, which cost Le1,390,000,000.

The Ministry is said to have signed a contract with tropical Autos worth Le1,390,000,000 for the two vehicles that are supposed to be assigned to the Hospitality and Communications Department, State House.

The Ministry made Le983,000,000 which is 71% payment of the above amount and there has been no evidence of the vehicles being delivered.

The Permanent Secretary and the Procurement Committee, within the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, disclosed that a contract was signed and advance payment of 30% was triggered upon signing.

The Secretary furthered that another 40% payment was made when submitting the bill of lading, adding that for the same reasons surrounding global supply chain disruptions, the supplier was unable to deliver as per the contract delivery date.

The Permanent Secretary further disclosed that the ministry is working on plans to terminate the contract if the vehicles were not supplied by 30th September 2022, as promised by the supplier.