The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Fanday Turay Esq., recently participated in a panel discussion organized by the World Bank, focusing on transforming transportation through various approaches.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to such a significant event, Minister Turay underscored the importance of gaining insights into diverse principles and strategies within the transportation sector. He emphasized the potential for implementing successful practices discussed during the panel to enhance transportation systems in the country.

The panel discussion, titled ‘Financing Inclusive and Safe Mobility,’ was moderated by Femi Oke, Co-Founder of Moderate the Minister Turay emphasized the imperative of promoting greener, safer, and more inclusive mobility, with a particular focus on integrating the perspectives of youth, gender, road safety, and health.

During the event, Minister Turay disclosed engaging in discussions with Hon. Jassim Bin Saif Bin Ahmed Al Sulaiti, exploring cooperation arrangements, particularly in the realms of air and land transportation. Highlighting the pressing need for enhanced transportation infrastructure, Minister Turay emphasized the importance of initiatives such as the ‘Waka Fine’ project, which aims to improve public transportation in urban areas.

Minister Turay expressed optimism regarding the commitments received from both sides to address transportation challenges and explore potential areas of partnership.