The Tripartite Committee has on the 27th May 2024 met with members of the National Elections Watch and other Civil Society Organizations in the Nation’s Capital, Freetown.

They noted that, the engagement was done by the Cross-Party Committee on Electoral Systems and Management Bodies Review on the purpose of having their perspective around the security environment of the 2023 elections, as well as reflect on elections generally in Sierra Leone as well as their role in strengthening collaboration between and among EMBs and other elections stakeholders on electoral processes.

The review body expressed appreciation over the engagement as they maintained that it was fruitful and all the desired outcomes achieved in getting the independent views of the civil society organizations.

They meeting also incorporated recommendations proffered by NEW and other CSOs and a corresponding commitment to continue to support not only the work of the Committee, but also the implementation of its recommendations.

This also revealed that, the engagement has an immense importance of collective efforts in enhancing electoral processes and fostering greater transparency and accountability of elections in Sierra Leone as well as anticipating a better and progressive future work collaboration between and among related bodes and partners in cementing certain challenges and have the projected recommendations worked out for the good of every Sierra Leonean.