Dr. Emmanuel Gaima, government representative in the Tripartite Committee has ddressed recent rumors circulating regarding a potential rerun of Sierra Leone’s June 2023 election.

Dr. Gaima started by stating that the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone Act No 6 stated that there should be a Public Election Act which was amended in 2022 which reads “In an extreme presidential election, anybody who is aggrieved about the outcome has seven working days to make an official complaint in the Supreme Court” adding that since the 2023 election ended, no political party made a formal complaint to the Supreme Court.

He said President Bio being a democratic leader should have chosen to run the state after the main opposition party in parliament boycott the process but chooses to incorporate them.

He said the APC meet with the Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion requesting for a third party to settle their grievance where in international bodies like ECOWAS, AU, etc were brought in where in Dr. Samura Kamara leader of the APC Chief Minister and other stake holders meet at the end signed an Agreement for National Unity which have three resolutions and the third one stated a committee should be established by the president which will be dissolved on the 19th of June 2024.

He stated that the Tripartite Committee is not the competent authority to call for election nor the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone but only the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone adding that the Supreme Court never received any complaint seven days after the election and the rumors going round is a misinformation.

He disclosed that their mandate is to look at election management bodies to asserting their mistakes and things they did right, and the review is covering elections from 2007 unto 2023.