The Tripartite Committee’s Recommendation 46 proposes a significant amendment to Section 76(1)(b) of Sierra Leone’s Constitution. Specifically, the recommendation suggests implementing a six-month resignation deadline for public officers intending to contest elected office.

Currently, the Constitution requires a 12-month resignation period, which the Committee believes places undue burden on prospective candidates.

The Committee also emphasizes the need for clarity in defining “Public Officer” under Section 171 of the Constitution. This clarification, they argue, would facilitate better differentiation between high-level public officials, such as senior Ministry posts, and essential service providers like teachers and nurses.

Furthermore, the Committee acknowledges calls to reconsider disqualifications for dual citizens seeking elected office. While they propose maintaining the requirement for presidential candidates to exclusively hold Sierra Leonean citizenship, they advocate permitting dual citizens to run for Parliament.

These recommendations aim to streamline the electoral process, enhance inclusivity, and clarify legal provisions concerning candidacy qualifications in Sierra Leone.