The drama continues!

Sierra Leone’s main opposition, All Peoples Congress, Spokesman, Sidi Yaya Tunis, will spend the night in a cramped and smelly cell( containing over 25 people-some probably-hardcore criminals), at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

I have listened to audios of interview, on 98.1, several times and at this material time, let’s tell the IGP to save his lies again and remind the Bio-led Administration that, Sierra Leone is a democratic country.

Tunis, for goodness sake, has not done anything wrong in that interview.

Nothing warrants the detention of someone who had served Sierra Leone not just as a cabinet minister, but also someone who led the fight to save Sierra Leone when Ebola struck in 2014.

Why would you want to detain someone who showed up voluntarily at the CID after request from the police?

Let’s now look at the meaty part.

Tunis a man from Pujehun, all fired up to convey to the public that, indeed, finally they (The People of Sierra Leone/Suffering mases) should prepare for the redemption Song, as the country braces up for the 2022/2023 political calendar.

Sidi Yaya Tunis was happy to convey the fact that the APC will finally have a Constitution.

The powerful and soft-spoken speaker spent time explaining how this current government has not only failed the nation, but people that spend all their time and energy to put the President where he is today.

Who doesn’t know the people of Sierra Leone are tired with this failed Bio regime?

Tunis( as a member of the esrtwhile President Koroma regime) explained without a note book countless development strides under President Ernest Bai Koroma’s regime including ones in strongholds of President Bio.

Tunis explained about successes in the energy sector: from 5megawatt in 2007 to a sustainable pace where major cities in Sierra Leone enjoyed electricity; Freetown from the darkest city to the city of light.

Now even the trumpeted CLSG power supply is a sham.

Freetown is now rudely awaken to hot and light.

Tunis narrated the reality that the APC is the answer to the state governance of the country devoid of tribe or region.

And that every Sierra Leonean including ones in Bo , Kenema, Kono, Pujehun should be ready for the Third Layer.

What is the Third Layer?:

A Project to redeem Sierra Leone.

Except for propaganda stunt,every sector in the state is in shambles.

No wonder Leone Stars players had to return bagpack after a highly politicised Afcon tournament; the Ministry of Sports is yet to tell us how funds allocated for the Afcon were used.

This shameless trends were communicated to the people effectively and it resonates very well with people, whom once believe in the President.

A lazy government and politically insensitive government pretending not to understand, misfeeds people that the governance of the state is by turn was knocked off by Tunis.

“With all the successes you have highlighted why were you voted out in 2018?” The journalist asked The APC Scribe.

Tunis just stated the fact, since 2018, The National Electoral Commission is yet to publish the result of that presidential election polling station by polling station at Constituency level.

Why? Because those figures were fictitious.

Amid all these, the APC succumbed, showed leadership even at the worse when 11 APC MPs were removed from Parliament.

A political commentator:

I can say this without doubt, the APC has the financial and human capital to get anything in Sierra Leone, including resisting a bad loser: incumbent in 2023.

It can happen either by the ballot box or by the custodian of political power who are the PEOPLE.

Just like Kamariamba dying in prisons for saying President Bio is One Term President (OTP) so is Mr. Tunis being punished for being a national figure to communicate don’t be carried away.

A political expert who prefers to be unnamed had this to say:

Development is what is important; if the APC can have me as their hero communicating its fine ideologies then a relegated apprentice who abandoned his vehicle at high way: AK-11, is a mockery and should not be trusted.