Tuma Adama Gento Jabbi has been elected as the new President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA).

Garnering a significant majority, Jabbi secured 506 votes, overwhelmingly defeating her opponents Wara Serry Kamal, who received 23 votes, and Augustine S. Marrah, who obtained 15 votes. The election, held amid a transient showdown, has been hailed as free and fair by observers.

The election saw a total of 1,200 registered voters, of which 572 cast their ballots. Notably, 28 votes were recorded as void, indicating a minor discrepancy but not enough to affect the overall outcome. The large margin of victory reflects strong support for Jabbi’s candidacy within the legal community.

Tuma Adama Gento Jabbi’s victory marks a significant milestone in the association’s history, as she steps into the role with a clear mandate to lead. Her campaign focused on various pivotal issues including enhancing legal education, advocating for the independence of the judiciary, and promoting the rule of law in Sierra Leone.

The election process was characterized by a transparent and democratic approach, though there was interruption and infighting amongst the lawyers. Despite the competitive nature of the election, the professional and respectful conduct of all candidates contributed to a positive atmosphere throughout the process.

As she takes office, Jabbi is expected to bring renewed vigor and a strategic vision to the SLBA. Her leadership is anticipated to foster greater collaboration within the association and enhance its role in the broader societal context. The legal community and stakeholders are optimistic about the positive changes her presidency will bring.