With representations from over 100 countries, various tax administrations and finance departments from over (160) tax jurisdictions along with (350) delegates, over fifty (50) international organizations and a number of academic institutions, the Belt and Road Tax Administration Corporation Mechanism (BRITACOM) has re-elected Dr. Tuma Adama Gento-Kamara Vice Chair of the BRITACOM for the next two years.

Dr. Gento- Kamara who represents Sierra Leone was elected along countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Georgia and Uruguay. The re-election was a key highlight of the second Belt and Road Tax Administration Conference which kicked off on the 7th September 2021.

The second BRITACOF is themed “Digitalization of Tax Administration”. In her statement, Dr. Gento- Kamara said the theme is a very important leap for the future of taxation among BRITACOM Countries around the world.

She especially singled out Countries in Africa where the tax administration digitization revolution has just begun and says she looks forward to harnessing the potential of digitalization in Africa.

The “BRITACOM” is a nonprofit official mechanism for tax administration corporation and promises to build the most broadly represented tax collaboration mechanisms for member countries, committing to tax administration cooperation service, tax dispute resolution and tax administration capacity building with the aim of promoting and sharing of experiences as well as best practices which gear towards building a community of shared future.

Some of the highlights of this year’s BRITACOF focused on tax Administration digitization, tax service digitization, tax related data governance and inter-agency tax business dialogues.

The conference also focusses on supporting and reinforcing prevailing international standards such as the OECD and the UN model tax conventions on income and capital, the OECD transfer guidelines, the UN transfer pricing manual etc.

This second BRITACOF Conference witnessed, (50) tax administrations and international organizations signing up as observers.

In the next two days, Dr. Gento-Kamara will be hosting a panel of expert’s sessions on Tax Administration Digitalization. On that platform, she hopes to make a very serious case for Africa and the Tax Administration Digitalization revolution which she says is very close to her heart.