Nigerian music producer, songwriter and recording artiste, Tunex has added his voice on the ongoing social media drama between the CEO of Big Sister Salone, Zainab Sheriff and CEO of Sugar Entertainment, Emmerson.

Tunex, who was the official music producer for Emmerson and Sugar Entertainment record label took to social media and explained how he linked up with the beauty pageant queen. The producer concerned about the reactions of Zainab Sheriff to Emmerson. He said if Zainab Sheriff reacted that she gave Emmerson a comeback, what he as the producer will say he did for Emmerson.

The CEO of Big Sister Salone took to social media and expressed dissatisfaction on a commenter who mentioned her name that she was made by Emmerson on Atical Foyoh’s post. Zainab Sheriff responded that she was not made by Emmerson but through her hard work and blessings. She added that she funded all the projects she had with Emmerson. She warned Emmerson not to take credit of her hard work.

As the producer who produced the hit song “Mami Na Power” for Zainab Sheriff from Sugar Entertainment, Tunex added his voice after the singer accused and insulted Emmerson even though Emmerson did not respond.

Apart from Emmerson and Zainab Sheriff, Tunex has produced hit songs for K-Man, Famous, Colabo, Innocent, Arkman, Camouflage, Markmuday and many more. Tunex is a household name in the Sierra Leone entertainment industry for producing hit songs.