South African top-flight football club Cape Town City FC has entered into partnership agreement with Sierra Leone’s premier league club, FC Johansen. CTC FC confirms this partnership in a Press Release from the club on Thursday morning.

According to the release, this cooperation between the two clubs will strengthen networks in the West African and South African markets, accessing elite talents through football development collaborations, etc.

It further explains that “The cooperation will also engage in knowledge-share programs between the two clubs, allowing for club personnel to visit South Africa and Sierra Leone to elevate best-practice and methodology under CAF in administrative, marketing, and football departments.”


The Managing Director of Cape Town City FC Michel Commits believes their West African partner can benefit from the commercial success of the Premier Super League.

“In FC Johansen, City strengthens its network and knowledge-base in what has historically been the most significant talent producing region in Africa. With the commercial success of the PSL in South Africa, we believe we can add operational value and insights to our West African colleagues, committing to the future of pan-African football objectives.”


This latest move could see an interesting developmental transformation in FC Johansen under the Executive leadership of the club’s new CEO, 25 year old Malik Hilger son of owner and founder Isha Johansen who was the former Sierra Leone Football Association boss and currently CAF Executive Committee Member and FIFA Council Member.

The deal will also undoubtedly see the emergence of quality football talents from Sierra Leone being exposed to the South African Premier League.