The out-gone minister of the Western Region, now Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nabeela Tunis has officially handed over the ministry to the newly appointed Minister, Amb. Adekunle King.

The event took place on Friday 4th August 2023, at the Ministry’s Conference room in Freetown.

Madam Tunis used the opportunity and outlined her successes and challenges faced in the Ministry being the first Minister since the establishment of the Ministry two years ago by President Julius Maada Bio.

In addition, she expressed gratitude to have been working with people in the Western region at all levels, including women, youths, elders; village heads, and other eminent people.

Madam Tunis briefed the new minister, Adekunle King that the purpose of the establishment of the ministry is to promote the socio-economic activities of the region to foster inclusion enhance development and recognition that will help create jobs and change the lives of the people in the region.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Sidie Sesay noted that despite the inadequate financial support, the ministry was able to carry out its functions well with the leadership lobbying skills of MadamTunis to international donors.

The new minister of the Western region Amb. Adekunle King thanked the out-gone Minister for her relentless support for implementing tangible projects in various communities in the region and promised to work on the footprints of Madam Tunis to ensure that the city of Freetown is transformed into a decent city for all.