The Minister of Lands Housing and Country Planning, Dr. Turad Senesie arrived in Lungi over the weekend with a team of senior management staff from the ministry to ascertain progress and land use compliance at the site of the extended Freetown International Airport project in Lungi.

Following a conducted tour of the project site in Lungi, the Hon. Minister expressed satisfaction that the land was being used for the intended purpose.

Minister Senesie witnessed work at an advanced stage and received assurances from the investors that the airport reconstruction project would be completed before the end of the year as targeted.

The Minister was shown progress on work being done at the modern terminal that can host at least six flights at the same time, the presidential pavilion, the runway, taxiway and control tower that will form the ultra-modern airport being designed by the Turkish Investor – SUMMA.

“At the completion of this massive development, the citizens of this country would be happy that the President is transforming the nation in accordance with his manifesto promises and policy pronouncements,” the Minister noted, while encouraging the airport investors to continue to support the President’s dream.
According to the Minister, the government will continue to attract more investors and ensure that their investments are well protected.

He disclosed plans of the government to establish an administrative and financial city in Lungi which will attract more visitors and investors into the country and by extension support the airport investment.

Lungi, he said, will have a 5-Star Hotel and an International Conference Centre as part of the government development plans.