Popular Musical Label Cribs International, and The Therapist of ‘Nack’ fame, were involved in a fight over breach of contract, erupting mixed reactions from their fans on Twitter.

The quarrel ensued when the Therapist who is signed to Cribs international was seen conducting businesses with third parties and receiving monies directly without recourse to the Record Label

Some fans who share the same line of though as cribs has dragged the artiste in some viral tweets which has left may wondering whether Cribs International went to sponsor a Twitter trend against theTherapist.

Some fans believe that the artiste is being disloyal and should face consequences

I just learnt #Thetherapist has allegedly breached his contract with his record label. There’s nothing we no go see for this music industry. There has to be consequences for this very action because I don’t know why this keeps happening

Others just went to express optimism that the issue get resolve soon, some of the prominent tweets trends reads;

I just came across this news about The Therapist and his record label breach of contract. I just hope it’s not true and even if it is, i hope it get resolved on time

Austin @SleekStineszn wrote ;Some artiste the virtue of loyalty, just take a look at what #Thetherapist is doing

Also, Since @_Thetherapist1 started singing, i’ve been listening to his songs back to back. Now i’m hearing that he breached his contract with his label. Why would he do something like that?

It seems the Nigerian music industry will not stop giving us news of strife/contract breach between Artistes and record labels to feed on. Its getting too much tbh

Another twitter wrote; In another case of two fighting between Artist vs Label wahala, #Thetherapist is making the headline this time around, after he was alleged to have breached a contract agreement, Omo the story go long again

Although to me it’s high time Record labels start looking for way to manage breach of agreement because it’s getting too often, just if recent the report of the #Thetherapist is getting to the public notice!

Recently came across this public notice concerning artist #Thetherapist who is signed to cribs international saying he’s been using other managements and attending shows without the knowledge of his label omo hope say this no be another artist and label wahala

Another artist vs label brouhaha, who go settle this one now? #Thetherapist
But in this case na the Artiste @_Thetherapist1 they in the wrong ooo, I am disappointed because I had high hopes on him

The series of line up tweets going against the therapist has also caused mixed reactions as some saying these are sponsored tweets trends against the young artiste who has shown a little or no remorse about the said issue.

The Therapist has stamped his feet on the African musical scene with a debut track titled “Nack”.

The song “Nack” dropped under the management of Cribs International. Within a week of release the song became one of Top 10 trending songs on various platforms. It is now the Top 5 video contributing songs on TikTok.

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