Tyla Magic born Prince John Onyinyechukwu Erete is One and the Eldest of two boys born to Rev Dr. John Okeke Erete a Nigerian and Mrs. Beatrice R. Erete a Sierra Leonean on the 16th October.

John was born and bred in a Christian household, with the Mother being a Gospel Musician so logically He was born into Music. He started his music journey in 2010 when he learnt the Keyboard and began to play in his Family church. John always reserved his music urge no matter how hard he was forced to because he was shy.

His singing career started in 2020 with his soul debut being “But 1961” which was done with the help of Nex studios who happen to be one of the leading media houses in terms of visuals in Sierra Leone and he has been working with them since then. After that he released another song titled “Butterfly” where he expressed the pain and suffering associated with Gender based violence in Sierra Leone, In 2021 he also released an official Afrobeat debut titled “Let u Go” all of this put together make a total of three songs to his music career backed up with a handful of music covers all of which happen to be courtesy of Nex Studios.

So many people asked the drive behind the name “Tyla Magic”; in actuality each word in the name represents an idea. The Tyla is an Acronymn that means “Thank You Lord Always” whilst the “Magic” represents the excitement he gets and then gives when making his music and anybody that has listened to his songs before can attest to the fact that Tyla is nothing short of Magical.

“My reason for following the music path and choosing it as a career is quite simple; I want people to have a feel of the magic I have to offer and also I want to put my country on the entertainment radar. I believe that my music is an extension and expression of myself and therefore says a lot about me. I heard a lot of people say they are here to change the narrative so I cant say much about the change I want to portray to the music scene around here because change must be evident in delivery.”

Tyla Magic is planning on releasing his debut EP at a time not too far from now and this body of work incorporates a couple of well known acts in the music scene from around here. He has been doing a lot of work on the low which are set to manifest sooner than we all know.

His debut release off this body of work is allegedly set for the 30th of September which he titled “Desire’’ and He trusts that this will blow our minds and get us glued to his uniqueness and Extraordinary talent.

Watch out for Tyla’s magic…