The Bureau of African Affairs, an integral part of the United States Department of State, has expressed its support and encouragement for the successful peace dialogue between the government of Sierra Leone and the main opposition party, the All People’s Congress (APC).

On Twitter, the official account of the Bureau of African Affairs, led by Assistant Secretary of State Molly Phee, posted a statement regarding the dialogue. The statement reads: “I welcome the Agreement for National Cohesion between the Government of Sierra Leone and the All People’s Congress. This courageous first step begins an inclusive process to strengthen Sierra Leone’s democratic institutions and create the conditions to enable future free and fair elections. Sierra Leone’s leaders should continue to move forward together to implement this agreement fully in letter and in spirit. The United States stands with the democratic aspirations of the people of Sierra Leone.”

This tweet underscores the United States’ support for the peace dialogue and its commitment to fostering democracy and stability in Sierra Leone. It highlights the pivotal role of the agreement in strengthening democratic institutions and setting the stage for forthcoming free and fair elections in the country. Furthermore, the message encourages Sierra Leone’s leaders to work collaboratively to ensure the full implementation of the agreement, both in principle and in practice.

The Bureau of African Affairs plays a crucial role in shaping and executing U.S. foreign policy in Africa. It oversees diplomatic relations and policy development for the African continent, dealing with various issues ranging from political and economic matters to humanitarian assistance and conflict resolution. In this case, the bureau’s statement signifies its endorsement of the peace dialogue and its solidarity with the democratic aspirations of the Sierra Leonean people.